The Shining Stars Christian Preschool Staff

Stacy Williams

The heart and soul of our Preschool is our wonderful director Stacy Williams. Stacy has been involved in preschools for nearly 20 years. This is the third school she has directed, each of them becoming successful and impacting to the community. She has a heart of gold and loves every single child in the school. She sets an atmosphere of safety, love and affection. She has a strong commitment to helping the children become school-ready. Stacy lives with her husband of 25 years and three children here in Orange County.

Pamela Mammen

I have been working at Shining Stars for the past 6 years and I love it!  I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Communications (focusing on event planning) from Cal State Fullerton.  I love creating, decorating and organizing events.  My favorite part of the day is when I am greeted by the children as I go from class to class- the kids say hi and give great hugs.  I really do believe in the children and want them all to be successful and do really well in school.  I have two children of my own that both attended school here.  I firmly believe God has paced me here and that even though my little ones are older, my role here is to continue to help making this school great and to glorify God with it.

Kimberly Wilson

I love working full time here at Shining Stars welcoming in the children and their families every morning!

I’m a Montanta girl at heart, but I love being here in California.  I look may look young, but I graduated from college more than a couple years ago.  I have 3 beautiful children that  am very proud of.  Being the front office administrator allows me the opportunity to get to know everyone and see their smiling faces daily!

Cherie Koehler

I have enjoyed working with children for over 10 years now. Most of my career I have worked with 2 and 3-year-olds. I love seeing their eyes light up whenever they get a new concept. At this stage they are still exploring themselves and the environment around them. Some of my favorite things to do with the kids are science and art activities because they inspire creativity, their five senses, and learning new vocabulary.
Recently I have taken on a new role as supervisor at the preschool. I have gained a new perspective of how a preschool is run and all the work that goes into it. I find that it is very different than having my own classroom. I have worked at Shining Stars for 4 years now and love that I have an opportunity to make a difference here.

Yami Moran

I grew up in Orange County I love working here at Shining Stars full time as the lead teacher for the toddlers. I’ve taken childhood development classes at both OCC and Saddleback college. I’ve enjoyed the conferences I’ve been able to attend for additional training as well.

I have so many parts of my day that I appreciate is Circle Time as well as when the children get to go outside and play. They have so much energy and enthusiasm when they get free play time. I am bilingual and my husband and I have a teenage son; they really grow up fast! I enjoy music and going to concerts in my classroom will frequently have music in the background.  One thing I really look forward to is taking road trips — anywhere!

I want the children I teach to know how loved they truly are.  I am the one posting photos of what we are up to on Facebook… it is so fun!

Clementina Mier

Hola! My name is Clementina Mier and I grew up in the prettiest town in México where I attended school for Buisness Administration.  Once I came to CA I took many units in childhood development.  I have 5 beautiful kids; and have served on the PTA for many years.  I have been working with children for over 20 years and am so grateful to be able to be doing so.  I love movies, hanging out with my adult kids, gardening and I collect tea pots 🙂

I’ve had so much fun being a preschool teacher at Shining Stars Christian Preschool teaching full time  since 2011 and love being a part of this family. I currently work with the 2-year-olds and have so much fun! My favorite thing to do with the kids is art because I don’t know what the outcome will be and I get to see the creativity of the children. It’s amazing to see the talent of each child. I also love to teach because of the purity of their hearts and their ability to love, give and learn.

Connie Goltz

I love the mornings when I am able to greet my class and start each new day!  I feel very special knowing I can be a part of their lives at such a young and precious age.  I am so blessed to be able to work with and teach children.  I have my BA in Liberal Studies from CSLA and my masters from USC in Education, I also have my  multiple subject teaching credential here in California.

I currently teach the 2 1/2- 3 year olds.  I love to see them growing and flourishing.  When I ‘m not with the children, I enjoy cooking for my family and friends.

Nicole Rash

I have been working with children for over 20 years and love them. I have 3 children of my own and one grandson (who actually attends here at Shining Stars). I’ve taken some classes in childhood development and it has helped me to appreciate the excitement the children show when they learn something new or master a new task. The children grow so much in what they learn when they are here. I do enjoy nap time! They are so adorable on their own little beds and they are so peaceful while they rest. I really love teaching the 3 year old class.

I graduated from Manillo Beauty College and have many different interests!  I love to sew, crochet, sing, watch movies and attending musicals.

Teri Tredway

I am a 45 year old mother of a fifth grade son and a 13 year old daughter. My husband teachers High School at a local public school. At Shining Stars, I am the lead teacher for the transitional Kindergarten class. I have my Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Cal State Fullerton and an elementary teaching credential from Cal State Long Beach. I have been teaching on varying levels of preschool for 21 years and really enjoy young children.  I love watching the children grow and continue to engage in new things.  I want them always to believe in themselves- to know they are big enough, strong enough and smart enough!  One of my favorite activities is hiking, I love being outside in nature.



Maria Montes

I have been helping with the 3 year old class at Shining Stars for the past three years and love it! I am a college student at Cal State Fullerton majoring in Health Science with a minor in Child and Adolescent Development. I have interned at another preschool and a public health non-profit organization. I really love working with children.

Stephany Gomez

I was offered a position working with children and have never looked back… and that was 16 years ago. Family is very important to me. Having the kids come in and feel loved right away is my goal. Hugs can be so encouraging and I make sure to give them everyday when they arrive to make them feel welcomed. I think a meal is when family gets to come together, so I take delight in cooking! I’ve even been able to cook for the SSCP staff. I am bilingual and really love working at Shining Stars.  I am creative and have an AA in Art (which I love).  I want the children I would with to know they are smart and loved!

Olivia Reyes

I currently  have 12 units in Early Childhood Development.  I love working at Shining Stars Christian Preschool full time as a teacher to the 3 year olds.   I am grateful to have been able to work with children for the past 6 years (I taught at a preschool in Riverside before joining the family here). Being a part of a child’s early development has always been my desire. I look forward to being with the children everyday and continuing my education. Being apart of a child’s early development has always been my desire.  My favorite part of the day is circle time when I get to share and teach with a very direct focus.

The beach is my happy place!  I am very self motivated and energetic.   I smile at the world with no fear trying to make every day fun.  It I could communicate anything to the children, it would be to not let the fear of striking out, keep them from playing the game!

Daisy Garcia

I graduated with an associates of arts in Elementary Education from Santa Ana College. I’m currently attending Cal State Fullerton studying Child Development. I started working at Shining stars in 2016 and I love how happy and full of life the kids are! I enjoy watching movies and reading a good book. I want to connect my love for kids and my passion for literature and publish children books.

Adriana Farias

I have my AA & BA in Liberal Studies with 15+ units in early childhood education.  I have invested the past 15 years in working with children, from infants to teenagers.  I love being a teacher and am grateful to be able to teach them things that will last forever.

I teach the Pre-K class full time and my favorite part of the day is circle time!  We sit in a circle as an entire class and I’m able teach and share what the schedule for the day will be.  The joy and enthusiasm the children exhibit is so contagious.

My family means so much to me and I love spending time with them.  My nieces and nephews are just amazing to be with.


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