Shining Stars Christian Preschool

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Education in Irvine, CA.

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We have a developmental approach to preparing your child for their elementary school years.

Character Development

We do our part to help the children learn such things as telling the truth, respecting authority and being willing to try new things.

Social Development

As our planet becomes more and more of a social network, our children benefit from developing these abilities at an early age.

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About Us

Give the Children Space to Grow a Creativity

The Shining Stars Christian Preschool believes that children are meant to “shine like stars in the universe”. We are united in our commitment to helping every child shine brightly in all areas of child development – physical, intellectual, social and emotional – as a result of their participation in our programs. 

Toddler Pogram

Playing & Learning

The goal of our toddler program is for the children to gain more independence, an increased vocabulary, and basic recognition of colors, numbers, shapes, and phonics. They will learn age-appropriate problem-solving skills and socialization.


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Pres School Program

Complete Facilities

After completion of this program, children typically exceed kindergarten entry level requirements. We set them up for success by teaching them to read, write, and spell sight words. We help them gain problem solving skills and social skills during their time in this program. Also participating in STEM activities like:

music & movement

sensory play

songs, and story time


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