General Question

How much does Shining Stars Christian Preschool cost?

We have many prices depending on the number of days per week your child attends. Contact us to hear our current specials. You will find out that our prices are very competitive.

How do you celebrate birthdays?

It is the philosophy of the center that all children are to be remembered on their birthdays. It is permissible for parents to bring birthday refreshments to the classroom. Healthy treats are encouraged. The child may also wear a birthday crown or badge for the day. Birthday celebrations should be celebrated as a simple recognition of the child and should not be allowed to disrupt regular classroom activities or schedules. We do not encourage parents to hold a birthday party in the classroom or to bring in visitors such as clowns. If you want to expand upon the birthday celebration, please see the Director.

Do you have a Parent Handbook?

Just click this link to download our Parent Handbook: Parent Handbook

How do you celebrate holidays?

Holidays will be celebrated at the center, but at a low key level. A brief discussion will be held as to why the holiday is remembered. Songs, stories, art work, and other activities will be used to enrich the knowledge of the children.

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