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A list of current fees will be provided to you at the time of enrollment.  Attendance is either on a full or part-time basis. You are charged whether your child attends or not, including absences for illness and vacation.  There is a non-refundable registration fee of $125 per child or $200 per family.  Additionally the Preschool collects one week’s tuition as a deposit.  This deposit will be applied to the final week of enrollment.  There is also a one-time $15 Earthquake Kit fee.

  • Drop-in care is available by arrangement, on a space available basis.  Drop-in care is to be paid in full at the time of usage.
  • Parents are responsible for contracted fees.
  • It is necessary to provide 30 days written notice when making any changes in your child’s schedule
  • The Child Care Center does not bill prior to the tuition due date.

Tuition Payments

Monthly tuition is due on or before the 1st day of each month.  If you child does not attend on a scheduled day, full tuition is charged.  A $25 late fee will be charged to all accounts not paid by the 5th of the month.  Your child will be dropped if tuition is not received by the 8th of the month.  Any collection charges or legal fees that are required to collect a delinquent account will be added to the balance due to the Center.  Payment of additional registration fees will be required to reinstate your child.

Multiple Child Discounts

When multiple children from the same immediate family attend the center, a 10% discount from the usual tuition fee is granted for each additional child.  To take advantage of the discount, full tuition must be paid for the child with the highest tuition base.  The discount is then applied to all other children enrolled from the same family.  In most cases, the discount will apply to the tuition for the oldest child and cannot be combined with any other discounts offered by the center.  See the Director for details.

Late Pick Up Fees

If you pick your child up after the 6:00 p.m. closing time, a late fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged.  This fee is charged in order to compensate the staff who must stay with your child until you arrive.  Any child not picked up within a reasonable time after closing (not to exceed 1 hour) and without contact from the parent, the child will be placed in the care of the Irvine Police Department and additional charges may be incurred.  After the third occurrence of excessive lateness, the child will be dismissed from the program, at the discretion of the Director.

Returned Checks

A fee will be charged for a returned check.  The Director will have the option to refuse to accept further payments by check.

Vacation/Sick Policy

There are no vacation or sick day credits given if children are not in attendance.  Full tuition is expected for days or weeks when you child does not attend.